It’s that time of year!  I love everything apple and pear, especially in baked goods form.  Muffins are even better because it’s a good excuse to eat something sweet and tasty for breakfast!


-1 Cup All-Purpose Flour
-1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
-1 teaspoon Baking Soda
-1/4 teaspoon Salt
-1/2 Cup Ground Almonds
-3/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
-1/4 Cup Unsalted Butter, softened
-1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
-1 Egg
-1/4 teaspoon Vanilla
-2 Pears, peeled and cubed
-1/4-1/2 Cup Chopped Pecans

Optional:  Top muffins with a small amount of cinnamon/sugar before baking.

Preheat oven to 375F.  In a medium bowl, add flour, baking soda, salt, ground almonds, and cinnamon, and mix until incorporated.

In a separate bowl, cream together butter, sugar, and vanilla until creamy and fluffy.  Stir in flour mixture until just mixed, and add pear cubes and pecans.

Line a muffin pan with paper liners and fill 3/4 full with batter.  Sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mixture on top if desired.  Bake for 15-25 minutes, until golden and done.

Makes approximately one dozen muffins.