This is one of my favorite salads of Summer.  It’s a standby in my house because tomatoes and cucumbers are always in abundance, especially if you have a garden!  It’s refreshing and perfect to accompany a good fresh meal on a hot day.  It’s also good to take to a cookout because you don’t have to worry about it sitting out for too long.

It’s even better the second day after the flavors have had a chance to mingle together.  If you like onions, I’d suggest thinly slicing some red onion to add as well.  I don’t like uncooked onions so I leave them out.

-2 Large Ripe Tomatoes
-1 Large English Cucumber
-Handful of Basil
-3 Tablespoons Italian Dressing

Cut the tomatoes into wedges.  Wash and peel the cucumber; cut into slices and then halve.  Chiffonade the basil and sprinkle on top.  Stir in Italian Dressing and add more to your personal preference if needed.  Simple yet delicious!