As Thanksgiving gets closer, the anticipation grows!  I’ve never roasted a turkey.  Yes, I’m a little stressed.  But so very excited to be hosting my very own Thanksgiving!  Many of our family members will attend, plus we are having some friends whose family is too far away to travel to for the holiday.

As practice I decided to try my hand at roasting turkey legs.  Cheap ($3!), small (not 20 lbs!), and tasty.

From what I had researched, I learned that brining the turkey first allowed for moisture to be retained.  No one likes dry turkey!  I’m very sensitive to over salted foods, so I wanted to be sure that brining something wouldn’t be bad-tasting to me.  Turns out, it wasn’t!  I absolutely loved these turkey legs.

You can easily double this recipe if needed, but this recipe yields two.

-2 Turkey Legs
-1 Gallon Water (16 Cups)
-1 Cup Salt
-Fresh Herbs
-Black Pepper
-1 Tablespoon Dry Rub
Boil water in a large pot or stock pot.

Add 1 cup of salt.  The general rule for brining is to add one cup of salt per one gallon of water.

Stir in until salt is fully dissolved.  Scrape the spoon against the bottom to feel for any salt leftover.

Allow brine to cool before adding turkey.  This is essential so the turkey doesn’t cook in the mixture.  I put the pot in the sink and surrounded it with ice.  If you’re not in a hurry, you could cool it in the fridge.  Add herbs and pepper if desired.

Rinse the turkey legs well.  If not, they’ll be very salty!

Pat dry and rub the turkey legs in dry rub.
Place in the oven at 400F for 20 minutes, and then 300F for another 20-30 minutes, until temperature in the turkey leg registers at 180F.
Let rest for five minutes before serving.