I’ve had some busy and long days this week, but didn’t want my dinners to suffer because of it.  I decided to make Shepherd’s Pie for the first time, but knew if I did it all in the evening after work, we wouldn’t be eating until late.  I decided to do all of my prep work beforehand.  It saved me a lot of time!

Potatoes can be peeled hours (or even days) beforehand.  Although, if you leave the potatoes peeled as-is, they’ll turn brown, which isn’t exactly appetizing.  If you cover them completely in water and refrigerate them, they’ll be as good as ever!

This would be a great “trick” to use to save yourself time on Thanksgiving day!

Scrub potatoes well.

Then, peel them.  You can also cube them if you’d like.

Place in a bowl of cold water, making sure that potatoes are totally submersed in the water.  Put in the fridge until ready to use.