A few fellow bloggers had written some reviews for this company, and I wanted to get in on it too!  They shipped me a few products for free to try out, in exchange for unbiased reviews of the items sent.

Here’s what I tried out!

Organic Sesame Oil

This is a great oil and has a very low price.  I used it in two Asian-inspired dishes instead of olive oil.  Hoisin Chicken and Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs.  While this is a good quality oil, the packaging is poor.  It has a basic plastic cap with a hole, but when done pouring the oil runs down the side of the bottle every time.  It’s a bit annoying to have to wipe up the side of the bottle after every use.  Otherwise, I would recommend this sesame oil!

Organic Onion Powder

This is a nice basic onion powder.  When you don’t have onions on hand, or don’t feel like chopping up a little onion to add flavor, this stuff is nice to have on hand!  Use sparingly, because this stuff is pure & potent!

Organic Poultry Spice Blend

I used a little bit of this spice blend when I made my Rosemary Lemon Chicken.  Normally I don’t add any additional spices or seasonings but this was a nice subtle addition.  I was nervous reading the ingredients and seeing cinnamon in there, but I couldn’t taste it.  A very good blend to have on hand, especially for how cheap it is!  Can’t hurt to try!

Thank you for reading my reviews! Swanson Health’s products can be found here.  They have thousands of products- happy shopping!