So, it’s official.  We’re moving!  We’ve found an amazing home in a great area and are in contract.  We’ll be moving out of our home that we’ve been in for the last four years next month.  It still feels surreal.  The one thing I’m ecstatic about this new place is the kitchen.  We upgraded our old kitchen this Spring so I didn’t want to have to upgrade much with a new kitchen in a new house.

I know I’ll miss my old kitchen.  It used to be so unbearable with ugly, permanently dirty linoleum floors and damaged laminate counters.  We turned it into something much better- stainless steel appliances, granite counters, lighting, a deep sink with a new faucet, and wood laminate floors.  Most of the work my husband did himself, which makes it all that much more special to me.

Our eat-in kitchen, where we share most of our meals together.

My stove, which I’ve always disliked.  Mostly because it was the only appliance we didn’t change out.  Secondly because it’s electric, and I’ve always wanted gas.  The new place has gas- so I’m excited to try it out!

And the sink, which is strangely my favorite part.  Maybe because I never do the dishes. 🙂