Real men love quiche. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reason #213987 why I love my husband: he requests quiche. I love making it because it really works for any meal. And there’s leftovers that are still quite tasty, especially for an egg dish.

I’ve made quiches before on here- in my first post. Yikes- look how much I’ve improved! At least I think so, anyways. And another one, which was featured on The Onyx Plate recently (thanks!)

And I must add, bacon and leeks are the perfect quiche combo!


-4-6 Slices of Thick Peppered Bacon
-2 Leeks, Sliced and then cut in half
-6 Large Eggs, Beaten
-1 Cup Heavy Cream
-1/2 Cup Milk
-Provolone Cheese
-1 Pie Crust

Bake your pie crust- as usual I was lazy and used a refrigerated one.

Fry up ‘yer bacon!

Get it nice and crispy. No one likes soggy bacon.

Slice the leeks and then chop them in half.

Whisk eggs, heavy cream, and milk. Add a little pepper if you’d like. (Skip the salt, bacon is already salty!)

Pour the egg mixture into the cooled pie crust.

Sprinkle bacon, leeks, and provolone on top. They’ll sink in a little.

I only had sliced cheese so I tore it up. Don’t judge, ok? I was trying to empty the fridge before vacation.

Quiche is good for getting rid of leftover veggies, if you’re into that kind of thing. Or sliced cheese.

Bake for 35-45 minutes at 375F until top is deep golden on edges and doesn’t jiggle.

Allow to cool for 3.2 minutes and serve!