I bought my first cast iron skillet a few weeks ago for a camping trip.  It was my excuse to finally get cast iron.  The thing I was more excited than anything to make?  Skillet cornbread.  Guess what?  It sucked.  Probably had something to do with my recipe.  Have a good one?  Please tell me.

So I had to go to my standby.  Jiffy.  If you’re here to hate on Jiffy, you might as well just leave.  I grew up with the stuff.  My mom brought cornbread muffins to a chili cook off and won 2nd place with her cornbread muffins…and guess what they were?  Jiffy. (And yes, there were more than two entries.)

The last selling point is that Jiffy is .49 cents a box.  We’ve been pretty thrifty lately saving up for our next house, and this made for the perfect thing to take to a BBQ.  I decided for the first time ever to dress ’em up.  I chopped up a jalapeno (.10 cents, by the way!) and tossed in a handful of cheddar cheese and they were DELISH.  A hit, if I may say so myself.  And took me all of a half hour to make.


-2 Boxes Jiffy Cornbread Mix
-2 Eggs
-2/3 Cups of Milk
-1 Jalapeno, Chopped and Seeds Removed
-1/4 Cup Cheddar Cheese

Pour mix into a large bowl.  Add milk, eggs, chopped jalapeno, and cheese.  Stir and let sit for 3-4 minutes.

Bake at 350F for 15-18 minutes.  Makes 12-18 muffins.  Take to a BBQ!