I’ve really been enjoying cream sauces this summer.  With basil, wine, chives, sage, lemon…whatever!  I like finding or making up new ways to create the perfect sauce to coat some pasta in.  Plus I have an abundance of fresh chives in the herb garden, so what better way to get rid of some?

This is probably the best breaded chicken I’ve come across- and one of the most simple.  It soaks up some of the lemony flavor from the sauce too, which makes it the perfect pairing.  My husband says this is the best cream sauce I’ve made yet (and I’ve made a lot!) so enjoy!


For the Pasta:

-1 Pound Dried Pasta
-1/2 Medium Onion, diced
-1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
-1/2 Cup White Wine (I used Riesling, whatever you have is fine!)
-1 Cup Heavy Cream
-1/4 Cup Fresh Chives, chopped
-1 Tablespoon Fresh Lemon Juice
-1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
-Salt and Pepper to Taste

For the Chicken:

-3-5 Thin sliced Chicken Breasts, or pounded thin
-1 egg
-Splash of Milk
-1/2 Cup of Panko Bread Crumbs
-1/2 teaspoon Italian Seasonings

Coordination is key when it comes to making dinner, but my helpful hint to those who don’t want to have three burners going and juggling is to make the chicken first and keep warm in the oven on the warm setting.

First things first when it comes to cooking with wine:  pour yourself a glass.  (If you don’t have wine or want to cook with it, use chicken broth, but please don’t pour yourself a glass of it.)

To make the chicken:  Heat skillet on medium high heat with olive oil.  Pound chicken thin or have thin sliced chicken breasts.  Quickly whisk together milk and egg.  Dip chicken in milk and egg mixture, then dip in Panko bread crumbs mixed with Italian Seasoning.

Place chicken breasts on hot skillet and brown each side, until golden and crispy.  Chicken will cook quickly if thin, about 2-3 minutes per side.  Keep warm in oven while pasta cooks.

To make the pasta with cream sauce:  Cook pasta according to package directions.  Reserve a cup of pasta water.  While the pasta is cooking, saute onion in olive oil on medium heat.  When the onion has softened (about 3-5 minutes) add wine.  Reduce heat and add heavy cream, lemon juice, chives, salt and pepper.  Allow to cook down for 10-15 minutes.

Add grated Parmesan and allow to melt, about 1 minute.  Add drained pasta to the skillet with the cream sauce and toss until pasta is coated.

If sauce needs thinned, add a little pasta water until desired texture.

Serve piping hot with chicken breast on top of pasta.  Garnish with additional Parmesan, basil, chives or parsley.

Try it this week- it is the perfect weeknight meal!