Last winter, I scoured the internet and cookbooks for a pot roast recipe that appealed to me.  Either they seemed too bland and dry, or used a bunch of soup mixes.  No offense to those types of pot roasts, but I wanted something more unique, moist, and flavorful.  Darren groaned the first time I told him I was making pot roast.  He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of boring, dried out beef.  Now he gets excited over it.  You should be, too!

It’s not very labor intensive and doesn’t require lots of veggie chopping.  The crock pot will do most of the work for you!  This is my very own pot roast- hence the name.  🙂

Ashley’s Pot Roast


-3 lb beef chuck roast

-salt and pepper, generous

-2 Tablespoons of butter

-1/2 cup of red wine

-1 sprig fresh rosemary

-1 cup white mushrooms

-2 cups pearl onions, or 1 whole onion, chopped.

-2 cups baby carrots

-2 cups snap peas

-1-2 parsnips, peeled and roughly chopped

-1 can (14oz) low sodium beef broth

-1 bay leaf

Cube chuck into bite-sized pieces and generously salt and pepper.

On medium-high heat, melt butter and quickly sear beef in small batches.

Until browned, but not cooked.

Pour can of low-sodium beef broth into crock pot on low heat.  After each batch of beef is seared, put beef in crock pot.

When all of the beef is cooked and in the crock pot, deglaze the pan with red wine.  You want to scrape up all of the good bits in the bottom- that will add flavor to the meal!

Prepare your veggies.  I love all of the ones I’ve chosen because they don’t require much chopping.  The only labor you’ll have to do is peel and chop up the parsnip, if you decide to use it.

By the way, those are frozen pearl onions.  Peeling and preparing non-frozen ones are a total pain.  This is the only frozen vegetable I’ll give you permission to use!  If you can’t find them, just chop up an onion.

Pour all of the ingredients in the crock pot on low heat and give it a good stir.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours.  Serve with mashed potatoes and a crusty bread to mop up the delicious juices!

Later this week I’ll show you how to make the easiest bread ever.  Stay tuned!